Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Objectives as an autonomous organization

While declaring this institution as an autonomous organization, the following objectives have been identified.

1. Amendment

  • Study on various issues related to tribals
  • Prepare a list of suitable plans and time-bound plans and submit to the government.
  • Make available the chair for the preservation of Ph.D in the University.
  • To survey the primitive tribes and present their report of financial and social situation to the government.
  • Research the tribal cultural history.
  • To save tribal cultural traditions, create museums for their traditional items.
  • Research and conservation of tribal arts.

2. Research cultural history

  • To save tribal people's traditions and traditions.
  • To study the language of tribals and to produce a book on their dialects.
  • Encouraging the creation of tribal literature, encouraging novice tribal writers to publish their literature.
  • Organizing tribal literary gatherings and gatherings.
  • Removing a quality magazine on various issues of tribals / subject.
  • Studying the traditional judicial and other arrangements of tribals, prepare a Ritcher Code.
  • Creating Tribal Treasures of Various Tribes.

3. Training

  • To train the officers / employees who are employed in the Tribal Development Department, to the Officers / Employees of the Tribal Development Department and from other departments.
  • Guidance for the self-employed and industry for tribals.
  • To arrange training to the youth / women of tribal society for access to the services of the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service.
  • Prepare a plan to encourage scholarships for students seeking foreign education.
  • Preparation and execution of plans for pre-recruitment and police recruitment training.
  • The appointing of attorneys for various court cases and for the Supreme Court verdict and all rights reserved for them will remain in the autonomous organization.
  • Training of tribal women.


According to the above topics, the functioning of the organization is of international standard. On this basis, various councils of foreign countries and foreign countries, on behalf of this organization, have been appointed by the organization in the organization / staff / organization of various organizations, organizations, organizations etc. , These institutions are no If the SFTP Dropbox Account sadarikaranakarita invited persons will be nominated on behalf of the organization. For this, the actual expenditure on registration for the conference organized by the concerned organization will be done by the organization. Commissioner of Tribal Research and Training, Pune, reimbursement of expenses for other matters.

After the decision to give the institution an autonomous status, after 4th meeting of the organization's body has been completed till date, and the organization's body has been completed so far as the autonomous body of the organization. The Executive Board's meeting was concluded on 27/3/2018 to implement the resolution passed by this regulatory body and the policy and direction of the working of the organization was established.