On Accordance with Government Resolution, Social Welfare, Cultural affairs, sports & Tourism Department, No TRI-1076/45235/D-XVI, dt.9th March 1979 & Government Resolution Social Welfare, Cultural Affairs, Sports and Tourism Department No TRI 1079/35475/D. XXX, Mantralaya Dt. 25 th February 1980 Accounts Officer, Tribal Research & Training Institute, this post has been declared as Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO).

Grant Disbursement Levels

        Grants which is released  from Government on the BEAMS system gets disbursed to the  Project  Offices, Government / Non Government Institutes and Scheduled Tribe Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committees.

    1. Tribal Research and Training Institute, Pune
    2. Tribal Caste Scrutiny Committee Thane /Pune / Nasik / Nandurbar / Gadchiroli / Nagpur / Amravati / Aurangabad
Object and View‍
  1. Accounts Section functions as per Bombay Finance Rules (BFR), Contingency Expenditure 1965  & Maharashtra Treasury Rules (MTR) 1968.
  2. On accordance with Finance Department’s Instructions all the Detailed contingency bills (DC Bills), Abstract contingency bills (AC bills) and project wise bills are disbursed.
  3. The main Aim of Accounts section is to follow Financial discipline, to save Government's Funds and also smoother all the work of Tribal Research & Training Institute with Saving Policy. Transparency in work &to maintain the speed of work Employees as well as beneficiaries to get their payable amounts within time.
  4. Coordination : To maintain coordination with Government & liable departments for distribution of grants.
  5. Financial Significance & Speed  of  Work : Financial decipline and speed is been maintained while distributing grants through computer system (i. e. BEAMS) and disbursing bills.
  6.   Financial Appropriation : Bills orders received to the section are submitted to treasury which are made  through bill portal system according to treasury rules
(Action Plan)
  1. Budgetary Disposal System  :  Adding a separate regulation of Accounts section is been proposed  to the development process of  New Website of TRTI.  Due to this regulations, grant which is received to the institute from Government for plan, non plan and also the distribution  of budget can be reflected on the website through link. This link will be work as a individual portal as per  BEAMS and BDS system guidelines. Financial year wise received grants, spent unspent grant’s information will be available on the website, so that the project wise , head wise grants received can be located easily.
  2. To provide funds to strengthen and for the development of autonomous institute of TRTI Also to finalize the rule &regulation of the autonomous institute of TRTI.
  3. Reconciliation of received grants and expenditure.




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