Scheduled Tribes Certificate Scrutiny Committee, Amravati Division, Amravati

Establishment of Amravati

The Amravati Committee is set up under the Maharashtra Government, Tribal Development Department, Government Resolution No. STT-1099 / P.138 / K-10, 6.9.2000.

According to the Government of Maharashtra, Tribal Development Department, Government Resolution, 12.3.2001, Amravati, Thane and Aurangabad. It was ordered from 15.3.2001 that Scheduled Tribes Certificate Checking should be started independently. Accordingly, the Amravati committee has been conducting the work of verification of Scheduled Tribes independently from 15.3.2001. Email

Administrative structure

The Government has announced a number of facilities for the Scheduled Tribes in bringing the development and development of the main stream of development. Maharashtra Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Vimukta Jats, Nomadic Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Other Special Backward Castes Castes (Regulation of the Verification and Regulation of Maharashtra) in Maharashtra State to avoid these issues after taking advantage of the benefit of Nom under the benefit of the non- Replace the Act-2000 (Maharashtra No. 23 of 2001) Visions of this Act and the Maharashtra Scheduled Tribes Certificate in order to implement (and to its authentication Regulation) Rules, 2003, have been in existence since the date 04.06.2003. All the procedures have been proposed to get and verify the certified certificates of persons belonging to Scheduled Tribes in this Act and in the rules.

The committee's functioning is of an arbitrary nature and at the time of making the inquiry, the committee has received all the rights which the court has given to the competent authority, the Appellate Authority and the Prosecution Committee, in accordance with the Civil Code, 1908, in relation to the claim.

The responsibility of all the officials working in the committee's decision-making process is the same. In the decision making process,

  • Commissioner and President
  • Joint Commissioner and Vice President
  • Deputy Director (Research) and Member Secretary
  • Senior Research Officer and Member
  • Research Officer and members are participating