1.Year of Establishment and Objectives of the TRTI


The Tribal Research & Training Institute, Pune was established on 1st May, 1962 to undertake research studies on various aspects of tribals and to assess the impact of developmental programmes / schemes on the life of the tribal people. The Institute is headed by the  Commissioner, TRTI. He is assisted by Joint Director and Dy. Director (I.A.D.P.).

2.The main objectives of the institute
  • To conduct basic as well as applied research on tribal related issues.
  • To take up evaluation of various schemes implemented state as well as Central Government aimed at Tribal development
  • To impart relevant training to different levels of personnel in the Tribal Development Department.
  • To provide competence building opportunities to the Tribal.
  • To develop and maintain knowledge base related to the tribes and tribal development.
  • To preserve and propagate culture, heritage and traditions of Tribes.
  • To disseminate information about the Tribes and their indigenous knowledge and skills.

In line with the objectives, the activities of the TRTI are broadly divided into areas of Research, Integrated Area Development Program, Training Publications, and Library, Museum and Cultural activities.

The Institute supports a subsidiary institution named “The Maharashtra State Tribal Empowerment Society” located in Pune, which undertakes capacity building and developmental works for the Scheduled Tribes notified in Maharashtra. This Society is now merged in to autonomous body of Tribal Research & Training Institute, Pune .



3.Location and Infrastructural facilities


TRTI is located at the Commissioner, Tribal Research and Training Institute, Maharashtra State, 28, Queen’s Garden, Pune-411001.

Tribal Research and Training Institute has its own building. The Institute is housed in a three storey building having two training/ conference halls. There is a hostel for 30 trainees. The Institute has 3 cars to provide transportation facilities to the trainees.


Tribal Research & Training Institute  has a well-equipped library consisting of books on various subjects like Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, Law, Computer Science, general Encyclopedias etc.  The library has books required for competitive examinations also and subscribes to periodicals relevant in the areas of tribal development. In alls there are about 20,000 books in the library. This Library is visited by a number of Research scholars and Post-Doctoral Fellows as reference library.

The Institute has a web-site ( of its own with e-governance friendly features like Notice board, Right to Information section etc.