IT Cell

The IT Cell of TRTI is responsible for undertaking all the technology based initiatives with a primary motive to enhance a citizen’s experience in all the services TRTI offers. Not only initiatives, it also looks after the end to end delivery of the tech coupled with its operation and maintenance.

One of the biggest projects delivered by the team at IT cell across Maharashtra is the E-Tribe Validity which empowers a citizen to file for caste validity certificate online and the certificate are delivered within a stipulated period of time with the status tracking facility.

Listed down below are some initiatives which are ongoing and will soon be a reality to make the citizen experience more valuable and efficient.

  • Scanning and Digitization of all the 8 CVCs and TRTI (almost 3.5 Cr pages to be digitized and filed).
  • Creation of TRTI website.
  • ISO certification of all the CVCs. Etc


We at TRTI would like you to drop any suggestions or ideas which you think might work for development of tribals across state and enhance the user experience.