About Training

Training Division:

Following training programs are organized and executed by the training division:

A) Post Services Training Programs:

Since 2018-19 the Moto of Training division is 'Training for All'. The trainings for all cadres working under the Department of Tribal Development, Government of Maharashtra are organized according their need and skills. It comprises of all officers and employees of TDD from Grade 1 to Grade 4.

The training department of this institute looks after the planning and operation of various training programs. These training programs are conducted with the objectives to empower the trainees by imparting necessary knowledge, information, various laws, skill enhancement and their duties and responsibilities and to make them more efficient for effective implementation of various schemes. In addition topics related to positive thinking and value education are also included in trainings. During training personal progress of trainees is focused so as to have positive impact on their working style and work culture and enhance the efficiency of the organization as a whole.

B) Pre- Service training Program:

It has been observed from time to time that the backlog of tribal is largely vacant in government offices. As a solution to this, various competitive examination related training programs are organized by the organization.

1. Various Direct service recruitment Pre-Competitive Examination

As per the GR dated November 29, 1985 approval is given to conduct training program of 2 months for 40 graduate candidates. In this candidates who have applied for the training at Tribal Research and Training Institute, Pune are screened on the basis of merit and admitted based on the scores. The training includes information about various competitive examinations, their syllabus, format of the exam, subject wise preparation for it, interview techniques etc. Subject experts’ as well high ranking newly appointed officers’ guide the students of Scheduled Tribes who are appearing for the competitive examinations. Students are provided with free accommodation, subsistence allowance, travel allowance and set of books required for preparation for competitive exams.

2. Scheme of Training at Universities for Civil Services Examination conducted by Union/Maharashtra Public Service Commission (UPSC / MPSC)

The representation of Scheduled Tribes candidates in the union and state Civil Services is very meager, it is due to the candidates of Scheduled tribe community applied are less in number. To motivate them to apply thereby increasing the number of candidates to compete, will automatically bring them into mainstream of development. To bring this into effect Tribal Development Department, Government of Maharashtra notified Government resolution on 15th July, 2014.

According to that, this training program is being conducted by at 9 universities for 25 students at each university and 1o candidates in YASHADA, Pune for 11 months duration.

Thus altogether 235 candidates trained every year. The 9 Universities include Pune, Mumbai, Solapur, Amravati, Nagpur, Gadchiroli, Jalgaon, Aurangabad and Nanded.

Facilities offered:

  1. Stipend of Rs. 6000 / - per month (It includes accommodation and meals).
  2. Study Material worth Rs 6000/- (Given only Once)
  3. Computer facility with internet
  4. Library Facility

The admission to this program is given through the Common Entrance Examination conducted at the state level. University wise merit list is prepared comprised of top 25 candidates. For more details contact to Competitive and vocational training cell, TRTI, Pune.

3. Incentive Financial Assistance Scheme for preparation of Union Public Service Commission main examination and interview

As per the Government Resolution dated November 13, 2020, in this scheme, an incentive grant is given to the candidates from Scheduled Tribes who are preparing Union Public Service Commission main examination. The grant allotted include Rs. 12000/- per participant for three months and Rs. 14000/- for one time Books purchase. Total of Rs. 50000/- per student.

Similarly, financial assistance of Rs. 12000/- for two months ie. Rs. 24000/- per candidate is provided to students preparing for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) interview by Tribal Research and Training Institute, Pune.

4. Scheme of Training for Engineering and Judicial Services Examination conducted by Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC)

To encourage the candidates of Scheduled Tribes to apply for Judicial and Engineering services examination conducted by Maharashtra Public Service Commission the Tribal Development Department has issued Government Resolution on 02nd December 2015 to provide pre-training for Engineering Services and State Secondary Judicial Services for Competitive Examination.

Engineering Services:

A total of 60 trainees are imparted training under 1. META Training Center, Nashik (30 Trainees) 2. META, Regional Training Center, Nagpur (30 Trainees) under Maharashtra Engineering Training Academy, Nashik. For that, Rs. 33 lakh has been sanctioned. This includes accommodation, food expenses and educational material for trainees.

State Judicial Services:

The Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa (BSG) will conduct one-year pre-training program for the 75 scheduled caste students. The selection of the candidates will done from every revenue department of the state. There will be two-day training program on each Saturday and Sunday. There will be a questionnaire session on those days. The District Judge will preside as a chairman of the session.

C. Leadership training for tribal Youth / Women:

In order to create awareness regarding various welfare schemes that are implemented by Government for overall development of tribal people and to overcome the schemes related difficulties there must be a dialogue between the actual beneficiaries and the scheme implementing mechanism. To set this dialogue and implement the schemes effectively tribal youths and women need to inculcate the leadership qualities along with education and knowledge. In addition, the life skills such as rational thinking, thinking of welfare of others at the same time able to make decision for their own future should adopted by them. This can lead to a capable generation. In view of this broad perspective, TRTI organizes Leadership Conservation training programs for the students from school to the youth. For these trainings trainees are given facilities of daily allowances, travelling expenses and education material etc.

Statistical Information about Trainings 2017-2021
Year In-Service Trainings Leadership training for tribal youth Pre-Service Trainings
No. of Trainings No. of Trainees No. of Trainings No. of Trainees No. of Trainings No. of Trainees
2017-18 10 226 - - 3 94
2018-19 25 967 18 1735 8 315
2019-20 231 8473 29 991 9 235
2020-21 32 2249 - - - -

Ongoing Training Programs 2021-2022:

1. Software Programming and Coding Certificate Course:

With an objective of providing job opportunities in the field of software this course delivers training imparting computer knowledge and skills to the girls who have graduated from Ashram Schools/Hostel of Tribal Development Department in collaboration with Navgurukul Social Welfare Foundation. The trainees have been selected for this course by conducting screening examinations at all project office level and subsequent interviews. For this 12-month training, the students will be provided financial assistance in the form of Subsistence allowancetime, travel allowance and one-time allowance for personal expenses. This course has started from February 2021 at Navgurukul Campus, Khopi, Dist. Pune.

2. BFSI (Banking Financial Services and Insurance) and BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) Course:

The online training imparting knowledge and Skills in the field of BFSI/BPO is being conducted in collaboration with TATA Strives and FICCI. 35 Youths in the age group of 18 to 35 years from Ghodegaon and Mumbai Project each; Graduates for BFSI and 12th pass for BPO has been selected through interviews for this course. After successfully completing this 6 months course TATA Strives will help to provide the job opportunities in BFSI/BPO fields to these students.

Upcoming Training Programs 2021-22:

1. Central Sponsored Scheme for Competitive Examinations preparations:

Awareness about competitive examinations should be created among the Scheduled Tribes students from the Ashram School/Hostel level and in that regard they should be given the necessary opportunities and environment for intellectual development. This will also help raise the level of success in various Competitive Examinations at school level. Also in order to increase the percentage of students in various government and semi-government jobs/banking and insurance sector as well as Civil services basic training will be imparted at 100 Ashram Schools and 100 Hostels through this scheme throughout the year. We intend to conduct such trainings in all government Ashram Schools/Hostels in the state in future.

2. Central Sponsored Scheme for PESA/FRA/GPDP Act training for Scheduled Tribe representatives of local self-Government Institutions:

A capacity building training program for the elected representatives of the Scheduled Tribes in the local bodies of the Panchayat Raj system in the Scheduled areas of the state is approved and grant is provided by the Central Government for the year 2021-22. The program objective is to provide clarity to the local representatives about the work details, information and effective implementation of PESA/FRA/GPDP Acts. This will help them to understand their roles and to increase their participation in the local governing systems. Accordingly, in Year 2021-22, after the Corona crisis is over and public life is restored, actual workshops will be planned.