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TRTI has independent division on Entrepreneurship and Skill Development that networks with training institutes, empanel them and award the work orders for training tribal unemployed youth all over Maharashtra.

The TRTI has identified and empaneled about 50 institutes which impart technical training in all sectors from banking and insurance to automobile and gems jewelry the sectors focused are from Make in India flagship project & Magnetic Maharashtra conclave all are potential growth sectors needing huge skilled manpower.

You need to be as low as Standard VIII pass and willing to undergo training on regular basis within the age group of 18-35 with valid ST certificate acceptable by PO ITDP and AADHAAR card.

The field offices under Tribal Development Commissioner ate Nashik have been responsible for maintaining database of Training Institutes and courses run by them. You may approach nearby ITDP office and see the notice board.

Training Institutes empaneled by TRTI have database of job opportunities in the vicinity of there area, you may select the sector based on the exercise of introspection and knowing what you are best at.

Training Institutes on demand can conduct aptitude test and build the database of skill inventory which will help you select particular skill sector, the counselor at training centre will guide you on which training is suitable to you based on education and experience if any.

No, one can be employed as well. But the employed person working in particular sector if lacks formal certificate he/she can undergo Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) course within same sector. This course is of a short duration can formally certify helping you to boost your income & open other avenues of employment.

The Skill Development Program has taken care of all learning needs which include soft/life skills and information technology skills, about 100 clock hours are mandatorily invested on this, In case your training centre fails to cover these inputs you may remind Training Centre-In Charge and intimate the same to esdp[dot]trti[at]gmail[dot]com.

After enrolment and following due process of selection, if you attend the training on regular basis, completing all internal assessments, Training Institute will conduct the assessment through empaneled third party assessors with MSSDS which is an autonomous Govt. society. The certificate is recognized and mandatory for undertaking employment in required sector.

Training programs funded by TRTI are non-residential, However the Training Institutes based on needs can mobilize local resources and arrange for the facilities through CSR funding of any corporate entity.

You are eligible for travelling allowance and post placement support for Rs.1000/ per month for 3 months if you have valid below poverty line (BPL) certificate issued by appropriate authority.

Yes, very much, all training institutes are responsible to provide jobs to minimum 70% of trained youth by them. They have placement unit which takes care of skilled manpower needs of local industries and job requirement of trained youth like you.

Apart from free skill training program and certificate subject to clearance of assessment test, you do not get any benefit.

Yes, Very Much, In fact lack of employment is global problem, we all have to work together and fight this challenge. PL inform all your friends to visit nearby ITDP office/ Training Institute empaneled by TRTI and take the guidance.

You get the benefit only once, you are advised to undergo counseling before enrolling to the particular course. As we have large number of candidates needing skill training, any faulty assessment by you towards likings, aptitude, and inclination may deprive you of real benefit of getting the job.

You have submitted the AADHAAR card which is unique identification and is seeded with the database of Govt. beneficiaries of all welfare schemes. More than the resources, Govt. is concerned with your precious time and does not want you and your dependents suffer due to long period taken for income earning.

TRTI has conducted due diligence and ensured that no such incident happen. However in such an eventuality you are advised to submit the written application for improvement addressed to Training Centre In-Charge. Do not forget to send acknowledged scanned copy to esdp[dot]trti[at]gmail[dot]com.

The Training Institutes are directed to open your bank account preferably with a nationalized bank. TRTI shall transfer the allowance subject to attendance certificate issued by training center.

There is no fix amount of the salary which you will earn. If you are unemployed some beginning will happen and you may earn between Rs.6000 to 8000 PM. After 2-3 years your income may cross Rs.12000-15000 PM helping you to financially assist parents and support younger siblings for higher education.

Ensuring the career progression in employment secured at lower level and making available opportunities for higher education through distance learning/on-line Massive Open On-line Courses (MOOC) is unique feature of Skill Development Policy implemented by Mission Skill India Project. You have to stay in touch with Training Institute and TRTI Pune till you achieve all your career goals.

This project earlier implemented by field offices is centralized for standardization and building strong network of all stakeholders. The project aims at skilling tribal youth through empaneled affiliated skill training provider under NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation promoted Sector Skill Councils) or SSDS (State Skill Development Societies VTP providers)

Tribal youth or traditional tribal families do have forest or natural resource based livelihood options. Those who do not want to relocate themselves in cities and preserve the traditions, culture are not compelled to do so for economic compulsions. Hence option of micro enterprise promotion is made available.

The first step is visiting and studying the Empanelment Policy TRTI-2018

The power point presentation displayed on the website will enable you to understand on how you can be important stakeholder in this project.

On the website itself there are on-line registration forms available you can use the google form aimed at data extraction of prospective training partners.

Projects categorized as Regular, Innovative and special are eligible for sponsorship. While Regular and Innovative can be funded as per TRTI ESDP Sub-Committee sanctions, the Special projects may need convergence with Govt. scheme or participation of corporate entity through CSR provisions.

There is component of research projects as well in fact innovative project for pilot run/proof of concept may need some support for data collection, survey, feasibility etc. all such projects can be considered under research category having separate provision.

Based on affiliations referred above and mandate of your organization if matching with the mandate of tribal development, you can select the category.

You have to use standard template based on the project category. The special projects, research projects do not have standard template based on your expertise and needs of funding same can prepared and submitted.

Once your application for empanelment is received by TRTI. You will be issued letter of recognition under empanelment policy of ESDP-TRTI. You are required to submit the proposal as per the project category and with all documents.

The proposals are scrutinized based on affiliations for Regular-SDP. Projections made by Training Institute to impart skill training in particular sector and the budget for the same. Your tie up with corporate entities for offering placement immediately after training is important criteria.

The Commissioner TRTI has constituted the 5 member Sub-Committee which scrutinizes the proposal, examines the presentation/discusses with presenters and accords the scores based on different parameters within the framework of skill development policy& ESDP process, as well as the mandate of TRTI.

TRTI is an autonomous agency although standard modules for various sectors are required to be implemented for regular-SDP category; the budget is appraised by Sub-Committee members and recommended to Commissioner TRTI for approval.

You have to calculate all expense heads like mobilization, honorarium for technical and non-technical trainers, rent/taxes for infrastructure, utility bills, travelling etc. and come out with your own budget. ESDP TRTI does not provide funding for capital expenditure & residential and boarding facilities for trainees.

Yes, the budget prepared need to be within the ratio of 85:15 (Direct Expenditure on Tribal Youth/End user: Overheads).

The budget prepared and submitted by you will have to be curtailed for unwanted expenses, will have to be appraised properly by your team and resubmitted.

The reason is if you see funding under CSR projects most corporate entities want overheads @5% which means expense on end user is 95%. As tribal pockets are in the interior with different topography Govt. is allowing excess overheads. But overheads above 15% are not justified and hence not approved.

You need to have long term strategy for mobilization with dedicated field coordinators/mobilizers and follow the points mentioned in MoU for mobilization process. Do not outsource mobilization to third party agency/independent mobilizer on per candidate basis as long term connect with tribal youth is required till he settles in the career.

Representatives from ITDP/ATC offices under Tribal Development Commissioner ate,Nashik are required to attend Selection Committee meeting and certify the validity of ST certificate.

Yes, TRTI Pune can invest financial resources only for welfare of Scheduled Tribe (ST) category. Any lapse or wrong selection of candidate might deprive you of sponsorship for that candidate who is not from ST category.

Yes, for projects involving 2 or more partners and even if one of the partner is a Govt. organization the due diligence submission and verification is not conducted. The field visit is paid in project area, interactions with end users is made and claims of applicant entities is verified. However if Govt. partner withdraws TRTI shall initiate the process & completion of formalities shall be mandatory failing which sanction can be withdrawn.

TRTI Pune is offering travel expenses for candidates belonging to BPL category and hence bus pass amount or travel amount equivalent to bus fare ( In case bus service is not available candidate might have different mode) with attendance certificate from training institute is reimbursed to candidate.

No TRTI Pune is not restricting the scheme only for BPL ST Youth as large number of ST families get migrated to cities and we may find them in transition state. Further there are various programs separately implemented for BPL ST category.

The logos and names are permitted to be used with Govt. emblem occupying the central position on handbills, information brochures and posters, advertisements if any. The formats of press note also can have names of TRTI Pune as sponsor and all such promotional collaterals can have TRTI name logo.

Wherever you go and whichever entity whether Govt. or private is approached for extending post training support to candidates or facilitating the selection, all will ask you some documentation.

You are expected to keep self-certified photocopies of 1.Empanelment Recognition Letter issued by TRTI 2. Sanction order 3.Photocopy of MoU.

Yes they are expected to cooperate, However much depends on your approach and skills of your Field Coordinators possess with pro-active attitude and professional approach. Because you are partnering with Govt. scheme don’t presume as matter of right. You have to adjust your schedule with their priorities as field offices are also having less manpower.

After receiving the sanction order you are required to execute MoU as per project category and standard format displayed on website the release of instalments is mentioned subject to achievement of parameters defined in completion of project.

Project Partners in any category are required to submit 15% bank guarantee of sanctioned amount in the name of Commissioner TRTI. This is submitted while executing MoU with TRTI. This is mandatory for all institutional or individual entities associated with TRTI seeking financial assistance.

If any Govt. entity is involved in project execution, TRTI Pune will not insist on Bank Guarantee. In case there is financial difficulty with some training partners, the Commissioner TRTI based on the submission of affidavit can give relaxation of one month period for submission of bank guarantee.

No further extension is granted. Release of funds is stopped and legal action initiated against the training partners as per clauses of affidavit.

You are given log in and pass word after issuing the sanction. Each training institute is expected to upload details of training programs planned, on-going and completed with photographs. In case you are not able to upload all data has to be mailed. The documents submitted shall be verified while releasing subsequent installments as per MoU.

T-ambition portal on home page has displayed the documentation template with annexures to be submitted for getting the approved funds.